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Uncommon is a new women’s social club in Singapore that offers a multi-purpose home base for getting things done. A radical space where women can unite on shared, messy experiences. Founded by Yolanda Lee and Nadine Chetty, Uncommon is a place for women from different fields and backgrounds — game changers and rule breakers; mothers and daughters; dreamers and doers; movers and shakers; introverts and innovators. Launched in December 2020, Uncommon now has a growing waiting list, inspiring more to take the lead.

We were asked to design the brand identity of Uncommon.

Our all-female team at Aquí has developed a brand identity that reflects the interconnectedness of the Uncommon community - a congregation of diverse women adopting a growth mindset and challenging the status quo. The project involves the design of the logo and identity. The rest of the collaterals have been mocked up for brand consistency but have not been executed.Lee and Chetty wanted a look and feel that felt true to Uncommon's bold yet nurturing disposition. The challenge was in creating an identity that would appeal to women without pandering to stereotypes.The logotype and symbol are made up of strong geometric lines that intersect with one another, symbolising the crossing of uncommon paths and the coming together of individuals. The header typography is set in the straightforward Baskerville to give the brand a balance between sleek and traditional. Josefin Sans is used as the body typeface to aid the sans-serif style that the logo has. Lastly, the symbol is made out of the four U's placed together to form the Uncommon mark.The primary colour selected is a blue in bright, modern hue, reclaiming a colour that is typically associated with the masculine. The secondary colours are made up of shades of pink that gives the brand a contemporary edge. The juxtaposing colours exudes energy and confidence, creating a sense of empowerment.


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