Developing children's emotion intelligence.


With a degree in psychology, a doctorate in education and a deep knowledge of the expatriate experience, Sarah Whyte is the leading expert on Third Culture Kids (TCKs) in Asia. She is one of only a handful of people to hold a doctorate in this field of study. Her doctoral thesis focused on the application of emotional intelligence to support expatriate children with the challenges caused by living in a mobile world, where either they or the people around them move regularly.

There is a rise in Third Culture Kids moving abroad from young to their mid teenage years. We were tasked to create a set of coaching cards to create better dialogue between parents and kids in this journey.

Bright and bold colours are used for the purpose of identifying the different categories that the cards have representing the different phases. The simple geometric icons also represent the phases to distinctively differentiate them to the users.

Aquí is an absolute pleasure to work with on a professional and personal basis. They are always open to input, feedback and the standard of their work is consistently excellent. In addition to their creative expertise, they are super efficient at keeping to deadlines: if they says they will do something by a certain date, it’s done! Engaging their services is always a smooth and stress-free experience from start to end.

- Sarah Whyte, Founder

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