Basque Kitchen by Aitor

Contemporary Basque cuisine.


When Unlisted Collection opened Basque Kitchen by Aitor and asked us to brand it, we couldn't say no. The challenge was to represent the heritage and history of the Basque country to represent Chef Aitor and the restaurants cuisine as best we could visually.

Aquí Design was tasked to brand the one Michelin Star Basque Kitchen by Aitor.

We took inspiration from the earthy Basque country side and applied that to the colour palette. The typography used is based off the Gothic heritage Basque country used in their signage. The handwritten touch of “by Aitor” is to create a personal element by the Chef himself. The Lauburu symbol is prominently used through branding collateral as it represents the unity of the Basque people.

I had the opportunity to work with María on multiple Unlisted Collection projects since the very first year Aquí Design was established. Aquí has been awarded as our main designer for several years and has always managed to convince the whole team of their added value to each individual contract. Their professionalism and an outstanding dedication has brought her new clients throughout the years. It has been a great pleasure to work with María and her team. I would recommend Aquí Design services to any business looking just to update and refresh its presence in the ever-changing market or even starting from scratch on a brand new design.

- Stepan Marhoul, General Manager

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