Building a privacy-compliant marketplace.


Aqilliz is a blockchain solutions provider who aims to reinvent the digital marketing landscape by restoring balance, liquidity, and authentic value to the ecosystem.

We were engaged by Aqilliz to design the key visual identity for the brand. The identity needed to convey the brand’s core values, which are Trust, Transparency and Convenience.

The logo features the letter ‘A’ that is illustrated in a triangular symbol that represents stability and power. The heavy and angular characteristics of both the symbol and wordmark exudes a sense of trust, which is one of Aqilliz’s core values. The red orange colour has a dynamic appeal, selected for its association with physical energy - in line with Aqilliz’s design philosophy.

Aquí strikes a strong balance between good design, business understanding and compassion, which makes her a great joy to work with. Aquí always went that extra miles to understand a business in order to propose design ideas that were highly relevant. They are also incredibly organised, which makes the whole process very smooth and pleasant. Aquí upholds high professionalism with a cheerful personality at the same time. I have already and will continue to recommend Aquí to people who are look for a design studio.

- Sophia Fang, Chief Business Officer

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