A next generation business club.


Greater is home to a vibrant network of globally-minded leaders rooted in Asia. Born to be more than a business club, Greater is a hub of extraordinary experiences for personal and professional growth; a web of meaningful, honest connections; an entire ecosystem where global affairs, purpose, commerce, culture and learning collide.

A new identity akin to its origin

Having created a strong and growing community like no other, The Great Room saw an opportunity to rethink business clubs and create something Greater, an extension that aims to design an ecosystem and experiences beyond a physical space. The team at Greater developed a logo akin to its parent brand, presenting a new but familiar face. We assisted the team in further developing the visual identity, differentiating the personalities of the two brands.

Empowering all to be their Greater selves

Introducing richer colours to the palette adds strength and vigour to Greater’s tone of voice, appealing to visionaries and changemakers. Accent colours act as enhancements that provide a dynamic range of expression. The addition of the handwritten typeface and hand-drawn illustration style aims to communicate Greater’s focus on people and community. The visual identity reminds one of a confident and passionate leader looking to break new grounds — powerful and revolutionary.


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