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One of the biggest concerns of a parent is having to make difficult decisions for their children’s education that will shape their future. This is made even more difficult for parents who are relocating as they are posed with the challenge of having to adapt to a new environment and culture without help that is easily accessible.SCHOOL IN Reviews is a free platform that offers access to valuable comments and real experiences about International Schools to parents who are looking for the right school for their children.

We were asked to design SCHOOL IN’s social media content.

Aquí Design worked closely with Ascension Tejedor, Co-founder and CEO of SCHOOL IN to bring out the personality and story of the brand through digital means. The project involves designing SCHOOL IN’s branded social media content to drive engagement.As the transparent source of educational information, SCHOOL IN frequently analyzes reviews and ratings, and translates them into insights that are useful for parents across the world. With the amount of information that has to be communicated to a wide audience, the challenge was for Aquí Design to visualise data in a way that is easily digestible and precise.The existing brand identity for SCHOOL IN was applied extensively to the social media content designs to make sure that the look and feel aligns with the brand’s messaging and positioning. From the style to tone of voice, we ensure that there is consistency in the way content is being designed and delivered.


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