Lonely Reader

Cultivating curiosity.


Focused on liberal arts, critical thinking and philosophy, Lonely Reader is a unique online education company based in Beijing. The platform holds space for an ambitious virtual community to come together, connect and cultivate curiosity. Lonely Reader helps to make higher education feel more affordable, accessible and engaging. First and foremost, they want to make sure common sense is common – knowledge is power, and nothing is withheld.

Conveying knowledge, wonder and wisdom

Lonely Reader’s original logo depicted the tale of a Greek myth – an eagle falling to indicate the liberation of human wisdom. Sitting alongside a French flower and the Eye of Horus, the logo was packed full of both wonder and gravity.  The team at Lonely Reader needed their logo to be adaptable, applicable in different settings and sizes, and suitable for both new customers and business presentations alike. Working on the design refinement, it was important to retain a sense of majesty, knowledge and bravery. Finding a balance between the medieval crest style and slick, professional aesthetic was imperative.

A platform that unites truth seekers

Introducing vibrant colours to the existing regal palette of red, black and gold added greater depth. Weaving in the majesty of purple and the clarity of teal, we created a harmonious palette to symbolise culture, excellence and knowledge.

This rich, esteemed quality is carried through Lonely Reader’s collateral designs, from new business cards to eye-catching poster templates. Scholars have often been seen as lonely souls on the road to discovery – we hope that the refreshed and refined visual branding will help to connect and unite these curious souls on their journey.


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