Kheng Leong Co.

Realising growth potential.


Kheng Leong Co.
was incorporated in 1949 as an international commodity and spice trading company. Today, the company has kept pace with the changing business landscape and evolved as an investment group. It has built on its strengths through synergies and leveraging on competencies to further develop its growth plans and expand its horizons.

Strengthening the foundations of a distinguished brand.

An established name in residential development, Kheng Leong Co. has a diverse portfolio that ranges from distinguished residences to popular mass-market properties. With a logo that has served the brand well, the team at Kheng Leong Co. wanted to further expand and sharpen its brand identity, elevating its presence and making it seamless to maintain a cohesive look and feel across all touchpoints.

Preserving the origin and essence of the brand.

As a company that have worked with many for decades, the new and improved logo must remain familiar to their long-time collaborators. That is why many key elements of the initial logo were retained for recognisability and simplifying was the approach that Aquí Design took to redesign the logo.

A gallery of collaborative works — each a visual experience unlike any other

Deeply rooted in architecture, interior and landscape design, Kheng Leong Co. partners with renowned designers for projects across spectrum and scale. The uniqueness of every project has to come through by means of the website to reflect the expertise of the company and its collaborators.The website is designed with versatility in mind; to let the distinctive styles of each work shine through cohesively and effortlessly. The simplicity of the invigorated brand identity not only sets the tone of the website but paved the way for the spectacular imagery to stand out and create a surreal visual experience.


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