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Next Money, is an independent and collaborative community driving change for the better in the financial services through design, innovation and entrepreneurship. They run events, conferences, workshops and content creation across the globe, with the community encouraged to run the brand and dialogue.

A strong, consistent and recognisable branding for Next Money's Fintech Finals 2018 touching digital, marketing and print aspects.

Our creative proposal is based on the core branding elements that FF18 came with and applying that into a creative and collective manner to all touch points for a consistent feel. The purple overlay used throughout creates a modern and serious feel. The evenness of application creates a unified brand. The typographic selection maintains a modern tone.

Aquí Design was crucial in the success of our events for our attendees and sponsors. Their fast, high quality, deeply creative work really built our brand up to the next level. We highly recommend them & look forward to an ongoing partnership with Aquí Design!

- Rob Findlay, Founder, Next Money

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