Light Journey

Lighting beyond functionality.


Lighting can enhance an ambiance, invoke feelings, and draw the eye to notice the finest of details. Light Journey is a team of lighting specialists that offers bespoke services and solutions to manifest your dream lighting statement.

A virtual showroom experience.

As the innovative arm of Lim Kim Hai Group, Light Journey has a vision to change the market's perception of the lighting business, moving away from the traditional utilitarian image. To better represent the visual and artistic side of the lighting business, Light Journey wanted a digital space that lets everyone see the possibilities of creative lighting; the experience akin to walking into a showroom.

A catalogue of lighting ideas.

With a passion for architecture and design and years of lighting experience, Light Journey has a room full of ideas that needed to be showcased with structure. At every step of the way, the website provides users with the information they need, whether it's the product, partner or type of solution.


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