KYE Pharmaceuticals

Inspiring innovation in medicine


Unlocking the key to change

KYE Pharmaceuticals is creating change in the medical world by bringing new medicines to Canada.

The striking skeleton key nestled within their logo hints at the origins of their name. KYE stands for Keeper of the Keys in Gaelic: they unlock the potential for much-needed medicine in Canada. A strong sense of pride runs through their blood – the best interest of Canadian people is at the heart of everything they do.

KYE is agile and solution-oriented. Spurred on by an innovative spirit, what they’re doing isn’t common or conventional. KYE strives to remove the barriers to medicine by making themselves accessible, approachable and human at their core.

Bridging the medical gap

KYE Pharmaceuticals tasked Aquí with crafting a fresh visual identity that elevates beyond sterile and cold. Building on their existing logo and primary colours as a base, we infused more life and vibrancy through a refreshed colour palette and typeface.

We switched out the muted grey secondary colours for fresh, positive and lively shades: Tangerine and Sea Salt. Like the golden hour sun, Tangerine pairs beautifully with the blues and brings some glowing warmth to the palette. Sea Salt is a clean minimal off-white: the perfect crisp and breathable background colour to create a sense of spaciousness. We also brought in all-new tertiary colours: Jasmine, Tropical Indigo, Indian Red, and Celadon.

We opted for a geometric typeface: Indivisible. KYE relays important pharmaceutical information, so it was crucial for the typeface to be easy to read and digest. Indivisible is legible and minimal, helping to improve overall readability.

A human-centred approach

KYE’s existing website did exude professionalism but didn’t do justice to KYE’s innovation and compassion, so we invigorated it with a modern, clean and timeless feel.

As customer service is a value they treasure, we focused on introducing more faces to the brand. Rather than lab coats and pills, we selected photography of people in their element in everyday life to add reassuring humanity and relatability. All images are treated with a warm colour wash to breathe life and warmth into every space.

As a medical company, clarity is key. We introduced plenty of white space to retain a clean feel – it was important that the text and key information took precedence, while also ensuring the site felt easy to navigate and digest. We improved the content hierarchy, sprinkling intentional calls to action on each page, and using bold enticing statements to encourage engagement. The slant in their logo was applied as a motif across the site for a cohesive sense of edge, showcasing how KYE differs from traditional healthcare companies. They’re bold, high tech, and autonomous: but most of all, they are for the people.


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