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Moom is a women’s health platform - built by women, with women in mind. Co-founders and sisters, Mili and Maya Kale, believes that freeing women’s health solutions from a one-size-fits-all narrative starts with an integrative approach that is personalised to each individual’s unique health needs. They are on a mission to make holistic solutions for women’s health more personalised and accessible.Moom creates daily rituals formulated with experts that combine ancient Ayurvedic tradition with modern scientific practice. Their daily supplement packs are personalised to every woman’s unique needs and phase of life. Being healthy is not about being perfect – instead, it’s about creating a balance that becomes effortless.

Web design as the cherry on the cake.

Moom’s brand identity conveys its personality perfectly - personal, rejuvenating and approachable - just like how we imagined it to be. Its design elements are dynamic and versatile, aligning to the personalised approach that they take when it comes to women’s health. Mili and Maya wanted this to be reflected all across their brand collaterals and customer touchpoints, ensuring customers get exposed to the full brand experience. One of the touchpoints include the website, where customers get to learn more about Moom and start their personalised ritual. Aquí Design was appointed as the design partner for Moom’s website and collaborated closely with Mili and Maya to amplify the brand’s vision and mission. The extensive use of photos plays a huge role in creating a look and feel that is not only authentic but relatable for Moom’s target audience - women who are looking to take charge of their health. The brand celebrates the uniqueness of everyone. In order to convey that we applied the ownable elements - i.e. the different shapes of ‘O’s - onto the images, reiterating on Moom’s mission to personalise.With great focus on photography, we’ve taken the simplistic and organised approach when it came to the layout of the website. The objective was to let the dynamic brand elements shine in a systematic way, making sure that information is still digestible through its presentation and flow.


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