Improving lives through human augmentation.


AKUOS is a changemaker in the realm of technology that seeks to destigmatise medical treatments to improve the quality of life for patients that face long-term health risks. They aim to create solutions that are not only easy to use, but look and feel great at the same time.The AKUOS Aurello is the first device created. Powered by Bluetooth, it is a set of Hearing Aid eyewear that uses bone conduction technology to allow those with disabling conductive hearing loss to hear without the need for corrective surgery or surgically invasive devices. The world’s first smart, affordable, digital bone-conduction hearing aid.

Designing an app that lets you control your hearing devices.

With the widespread embrace of mobile technology today, the ability to control your hearing aid through an app is more relevant than ever. Stuart Kerr, Founder and CEO, wanted to create an effortless and customisable experience for the users of the AKUOS Aurello device. That was where Aquí Design came into the picture. In the initial stage of requirements gathering, we worked closely with Stuart to understand and determine the core functions of the app and what it aims to achieve. We also spoke to one of AKUOS’ first user testers to get a better idea of the user’s current practices and goals.

Mapping the journey to visualise the user experience.

Journey mapping and storyboarding both played a big role in setting the foundations of the app design. We needed to visualise the user’s process in accomplishing the primary goal of connecting and calibrating the Aurello device. Walking through each step with the AKUOS engineering team, we were able to work out the key screens that needed to be designed for the app to achieve its basic functionality.

During the design phase, we put in place a design language system based off the existing AKUOS branding and guidelines to ensure consistency in the design of the interface. The screens were designed and made into low fidelity prototypes - ready to be tested internally. During the multiple tests conducted, we observed discrepancies between the expected versus actual user journey and reviewed these areas to make the experience as seamless as possible. The AKUOS app is currently in its development phase.


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