Openspace Ventures

Investing with active intelligence.


Openspace Ventures is a multi-stage investor in Southeast Asian B2C and B2B businesses with a compelling vision for expansion. Investing with active intelligence, they find and back companies creating a transformative impact where tech meets life. As a team of dedicated doers, they focus on the fundamentals and go about their work with the hustle, enthusiasm and curiosity needed to operate and succeed at the sharp edge of cultural trends and technological change.

New face, new experience.

This year, Openspace Ventures took its brand identity to the next level, reinvigorating the brand vision, purpose and personality. To ensure a consistent experience is delivered, the new visual identity had to be communicated clearly and cohesively across all channels. Aquí Design was appointed to collaborate with the team in breaking new ground with the web design. The new focus was to convey the essence of Active Intelligence whilst showcasing the brand's diverse portfolios in a way that tells a story, not forgetting the user experience.

Bringing Dynamism and Energy

With a new focus on Active Intelligence, it was pivotal to introduce movement and energy in the web design, depicting how the brand stays ahead, uncovering opportunities that will shape the future. That was one of the design principles that inspired the use of design elements that set the design in motion, one of which was the ample use of Openspace Venture's animated action circles across each page. Not only does it enhance visual recognition for the brand, it also increases the opportunity for user interaction, creating a more memorable experience.


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