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Kalibra is made up of optimisers who consider better wellbeing to be the result of seizing every day by the scruff of the neck and shaking it down for all the good it has to give. They take a holistic approach in guiding you to achieve enhanced wellbeing across body, mind and spirit - harnessing personalised insights to shape positive habits.Founded by a former hedge fund manager, angel investor, cyclist, wellbeing and longevity maestro, Ivan Vatchkov created Kalibra to help people find the necessary balance in order to enhance their total wellbeing and make an impact on a larger scale.

We were asked to design Kalibra's website.

When Vatchkov and his team came to Aquí Design, they knew exactly what they wanted the website to be: energetic, powerful and straightforward. The project involves designing a website using the existing brand identity. What was conveyed in their visual identity had to be further emphasised through the design of their website. The challenge was in creating an intuitive flow throughout the website that felt both engaging and informative at the same time.Aquí Design has developed the website in a way that conveys what Kalibra offers in a single page, providing a succinct introduction and making a first impression; an elevator pitch in essence. As Kalibra is a tech-driven brand with audiences alike, optimisation for all devices to create a consistent experience was key.The header typography is set in the typeface Monument to give the brand a technological feeling to the content. The body typeface Archia, is less dominant and used to create balance, yet its versatility adds to the personality of the pairing, creating a chic and modern appeal. The main brand colours are spring green and black, a combination that feels electric, swift and sporty.


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