About us

Designing for a world that seeks connection.

About us

Driven by purpose and authenticity.

Our mission and vision
We help businesses reach true potential by harnessing the power of their story.

What we value in our approach:



We always want to know the ‘why’. Can’t plant a flower without its seed.


Personal Connection

We strive to be that friend whom you can speak your mind with. We want to understand your brand the way you do.



We always take the two-way street because the project is ours as much as it is yours. Don’t worry, we got you.

We see design as a catalyst for change.

We strive to maximize the positive impact of our work, making each iteration a step closer to transformative outcomes.

Our Team

The Bread and the Butter
The Bread and The Butter
Behind every great project

María Trujillo

CEO, Founder & Creative Director

Truly a visionary ✨ who makes things happen, María is both an optimist and opportunist. An explorer without a map, she visualises a path and paves her own way in a manner that is both calculated and serendipitous at the same time. Her gumption fills the air with a sense of hope and ambition, making it compelling to join her in her mission 🫡. She is always thinking about the next steps, ever ready to push forward and lead the way.

María Trujillo

Naya Ng

Senior Project & Marketing Manager

Organisation is Naya's word as her brain is quick to identify patterns. Watch her note-take during meetings and you will know what we mean. Sensitive to people’s needs, it is in her nature to listen and observe cues to discern between what is being said and expressed. As an avid planner, lists 🗒 and charts 📊 are her love languages. Talk Notion to her and she might just fall for you. 🖤

Naya Ng

Carlota Carrillo

Lead Designer

Storytelling 📖 is at the heart of Carlota’s designs. Very much a visual communicator, she knows just what to ‘say’ to perfectly deliver the essence of a message. Like a molten chocolate cake that is fresh out of the oven, Carlota oozes fiery passion 🔥 whenever she takes us through her thought process. As an experimental creative, she makes her own rules and never shies away from opportunities to explore new mediums.

Carlota Carrillo

Ryka Nouvin

Junior Graphic Designer

Having her toes dipped in a number of creative pursuits, Ryka is a multifaceted creative who is always inclined and never afraid to try new things 🐙 This is something we can attest to as we have lost count of the number of times she has spontaneously cut her own hair when she is bored. Her inquisitive nature not only satiates her curiosity but helps her perceive the world.

Ryka Nouvin

Emma Li


Always on the lookout for new ideas 🔭, Emma has a burning passion ❤️🔥for creating mind maps and a love 💗for anything creative and visual. Eager to experiment, she is always filled with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Her curiosity guides her, filling her mind with endless possibilities. You’re sure to be promised an exciting journey if you ever find yourself on the same boat ⛵as her

Emma Li

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