Game changers of the semiconductor industry.


Integrated circuit design company nsc is changing the future of tech with groundbreaking new chips. Innovative and forward-thinking, the first-of-its-kind chips will allow people to interact more vibrantly with the world around them.Their creation is changing the game across multiple sectors that impact every area of our modern lives. They are all about resetting boundaries, enhancing experiences and enabling our next great technological leaps.

Delivering instant impact

Tasked with creating a slick new visual identity for nsc, we delved straight to the core of their essence: bold innovation, exploration, creativity and technological advancements. In order to stand out as an integrated circuit design company among huge corporations, we needed to bring their unique innovations right to the forefront of their brand design.

We created a visual identity that delivers instant impact, conveying sophistication and power that makes it clear nsc are lightyears ahead in the tech world. Paring flashes of neon blue, turquoise and lilac with crisp clean white and black, the fresh colour palette speaks to unrivalled innovation and exciting change.

A fluid and dynamic brand experience

nsc are changing the way humans experience technology, so needed a website to match their impactful work. Using their energetic colour palette, a clean minimalist layout and slick navigation, we ensure the website lets their ground-breaking technology shine in the spotlight. To add more dynamism and impact to the visual identity, we created a fluid logo animation and eye-catching blob motifs. We carried the new visual identity through all brands touchpoints, from digital assets to printed business cards and more.


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