Sequential Skin

The world’s first skin test kit.


Sequential Skin is a beauty startup founded by scientists Dr. A. Dashi and Dr. O. Worsley. They have developed the world’s first proprietary skin mask that deeply analyses your skin genetics and microbiome. The beauty startup is supported by the L'Oreal Innovation Runway, A*STAR, and Enterprise SG. The duo had also previously picked up an award for the 2017 Young Entrepreneur Scheme, as well as presented at the Royal Society London (UK), for a similar concept.

We partnered with the co-founders of Sequential Skin to create a visual identity for the beauty brand.

Sequential Skin's visual identity represents the two important components in the skin analysis that they provide, which are genetics and microbiome. In the symbol, the dotted circle represents the skin genetics, showing resemblance to a part of the DNA strand. The circle made up of lines models after one of the microorganisms found in the skin microbiome. To create an allure that appeals to consumers of the beauty industry, we used colours that exude a sense of elegance and glow. The geometric typeface adds to the look a touch of reliability, an important trait to convey for a brand that places strong emphasis on science.


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