Pan Animalia

Endemic wildlife conservation.


Pan Animalia is a non-profit organisation that develops and supports conservation projects worldwide focused on protecting the health, welfare and biodiversity of both local and global ecosystems.

We were appointed to create a new brand identity for Pan Animalia.

The identity created for Pan Animalia uses the front view of a common animal snout to communicate the organisation’s focus on wildlife conservation. The rounded logo and friendly shade of blue evoke a positive emotion that will appeal to donors and partners. In order to convey a sense of seriousness, we have used a sans serif typeface that is minimalist and geometric, which also makes it easy to read.

María and her team at Aquí Design have been phenomenal in supporting the development of the Pan Animalia Foundations logo, branding, and website design. They were accommodating and professional when discussing and sharing ideas, whilst simultaneously engaging with us in such a way that built a warm and enjoyable working environment. They have constantly gone beyond the expectations of an ordinary working relationship to support and guide myself, who has very limited understanding behind software and design, to be able to feel confident in managing the website on my own. A really fantastic team dynamic.

- Ben Howitt, Founder

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