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Impact consulting.


Castian Global is a specialist impact consultancy that offers legal and commercial support to socially conscious and sustainable organisations of all sizes across a variety of sectors and countries.

Same vision, new front.

Running the business for almost five years, no one knows Castian Global the way Cash van Halder does. As a representative of her own brand, Cash is constantly reevaluating the way it’s being presented. People evolve along with the world, and brands evolve along with people. Since the last reinvigoration of Castian Global’s visual identity, Cash now has new inspirations that are motivated by shifts in her brand positioning. Once again, we were elated and honoured to be working with Castian Global, and being entrusted with Cash’s new ideas.

Concision as a priority.

Consulting services are multi-faceted and the challenge is always to explain each offering in a precise way without inundating the reader. This time around, our priority was to present information concisely - straight to the point and easy to digest. By consolidating sections, we simplified the site map and created an experience where the user is presented with a broad idea but also given a choice to find out more in detail.

Working with Aquí has been a complete pleasure. They are professional, patient, creative, pro-active and responsive. I am lucky to have engaged with them to help me with my company rebrand, giving real added value to my website and other marketing collateral. I work with smaller businesses looking to make a positive impact so it was extra special to be able to engage a supplier that shares my own professional ethos.


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