Designing spaces, creating moments.


Rockett is a Singapore-based interior design company, dedicated to delivering unique concept-driven spaces and experiences that delight. Beyond looks and aesthetics, they believe that behind every space is a beating heart; a story; a history. Every detail, accent, hidden surprise or emotional curiousity create a sense of place, purpose and connection. "We want to create concepts with our hearts and make real connections," said Geila Daughtrey, Co-Founder & Creative Director.

Rethinking the brand's identity

Just like spaces, every brand has a story. Rockett's original logo was made eight years ago at the very beginning of the business. Within eight years of this journey, the brand now has a name for itself with distinct characteristics that makes Rockett truly unique. Geila came to Aquí Design with the intention of translating Rockett's personality - approachable and personable - in its brand identity, an opportunity to gain brand awareness and recognition. As a design studio who focuses on being what client's need them to be, Geila wanted Rockett's brand identity to be versatile.The logo is made with a humanist sans-serif typeface that has a stroke contrast - an expanding and contracting of the strokes almost like a handwriting which creates an organic, classy and contemporary look and feel. A period is then added to give it more strength and edge. The typeface's personality is then balanced out by a neutral and cool shade of silver that exudes elegance and grace. The versatility of this metallic colour creates room for ample ways of brand application without stealing the show.


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