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What does confidence feel like? That is the question that Marcela Karbaum, Founder of MK-Image Consulting, can help you with. A firm believer in first impressions, Marcela strives to help her clients convey their personalities with the help of creating a personal image that brings out their best. With more than 20 years of professional experience in image consulting, she has developed practical strategies and tools that have proven to empower many.

Making the first impression count.

As an image consultant, Marcela understood the key role that branding plays in making an impression, more so in the digital sphere. Image consultancy gained popularity in recent years since the pandemic; with a consistent vision since day one, Marcela felt a strong inclination to reinforce the brand values of MK-Image Consulting and rethink the way it's being communicated.

A brand that you can count on.

‘MK’ is short for Marcela Karbaum, which is why it was important for us to portray the founder’s personality in MK-Image Consulting’s visual identity. The logo typeface is one that we have found to emulate the sense of power and professionalism that Marcela exudes. Given the visually dynamic nature of the image consulting field, the brand colours were made to be versatile for the ease of application when other colours come into play.


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