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Bringing spritz to sport

For golf enthusiasts, the sport can sometimes feel formal and traditional. Rebelling against and redefining the often formulaic world of golf, Citrus Golf is here to infuse it with play, fun and freedom… with a tasty twist.

Citrus Golf recognises the need for a more relaxed and accessible approach to the sport: you don’t need a hole in one to have a zest for fun! Every swing is celebrated. Golfers can play alongside other members and pros, without the sums of money traditionally needed for coaching fees. The dynamic member-based community is all about creating a fun leisure off-shoot for golfing enthusiasts to tee off, unwind and socialise, and enjoy exclusive juicy benefits to enhance their game.

To match their fun vision, Citrus Golf needed an equally vibrant visual identity. That’s where Aquí came in, tasked with creating bold branding that really packs a punch.

A thirst-quenching juicy refresh

As a key component of their visual identity, Citrus Golf’s new logo needed to feel deliciously fresh and inviting. We developed a custom typeface to craft a wavy logo in a circle shape– a nod to citrus fruit and golf balls with a groovy twist, like juice being squeezed from a lemon. The pulpy, retro feel of the logo is slightly offbeat: a cool contrast to the traditionally conventional world of golf branding.

We paired it with Outfit: a clean geometric sans serif typeface that oozes friendliness and accessibility.

What would a citrus-infused brand be without a thirst-quenching colour palette? For the primary colour, we opted for Lime Spritz: effortlessly bold and iconic, with a cheeky nod to the freshly-cut green grass of a golf course. We complemented it with a collection of bright and playful secondary colours: sunny orange Citron Bunker, neon yellow Lemon Wedge, and sour apple green Sherbet.

The coolest club on the course

One of Citrus Golf’s key goals is to become a fun, fresh and effortlessly cool community, where the members feel proud to be part of the club. To create this sense of representation and personality, we crafted their very own mascot: Robby.

Robby is a personification of what Citrus Golf is all about: energising and invigorating golfers. He resembles a fun blend of a golf ball and a citrus fruit, casually slinging a golf club over his shoulder as he strolls happily on his way to the club. He’s relaxed, confident and positive: the epitome of how a Citrus golfer will feel.

We felt inspired by retro branding, bringing a timeless cartoon element to the visual identity. Keeping the future of Citrus Golf in mind, Robby will become an iconic character and an instantly recognisable emblem on merchandise.


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