Landing moonshots for fearless founders.


Web3 is the future… and it’s becoming even more prominent and more powerful with each passing day. Concepts that once seemed futuristic, like cryptocurrencies and associated blockchain technologies, are now becoming increasingly relevant in everyday life.

Ocular is an investment fund focused firmly on this future, prepared for this paradigm shift.They help forward-thinking investors, founders and managers sift through the macros and micros of this emerging and innovative technological landscape.

Shooting for the moon

Ocular is innovative, aiming to back the next wave of moonshot tech companies. We used this expansive outlook to develop Ocular’s brand identity and website, focusing on speed, fluidity and flexibility.  The words ocular and moonshot conjure images of vision and futurism. We naturally felt drawn to break out of boxy layouts, and play around with space and form to create an otherworldly essence.

Creating dynamic contrast

Ocular combines creative big-picture thinking with granular attention to detail– and we wanted to pull this unique duality through in an eye-catching colour palette and agile visuals. The fire and warmth of orange conveys the energy and optimism that Ocular brings to this new space. This energy is balanced out with deep purple, the colour of inspiration and creativity.  

Flashes of bright colour contrast with rich dark shades, signifying the guidance and clarity that Ocular brings to investors. This striking combination of colours exude a cutting edge, high-tech feel that remains approachable.


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