Aquí WFH Stickers

Our very own WFH routine.


We used to be able to sense the excitement when someone says “Let’s go for lunch!” at the office. As we embrace the new norm of working from home, remote communication is starting to feel a little repetitive. We miss looking at each other’s faces, having office banters and the list goes on… Instead of limiting our expression, we have designed a set of work from home stickers to add a little fun and variety to our daily interactions.We hope the use of these stickers cheers you up as much as it does for us (even if you are not working from home).


Click here to download the stickers on Telegram

Whatsapp (iOS)

Click here to watch the video tutorial

STEP 1: Install ‘Top Sticker Maker Studio Memes’ app from App Store

STEP 2: On the app, search for ‘Aqui WFH Stickers’

STEP 3: Select ‘Send Stickers’

STEP 4: To start using, select ‘Send to Whasapp/iMessage’

Whatsapp (Android)

Click here to watch the video tutorial

STEP 1:Install ‘Sticker Maker’ app from Google Play Store

STEP 2:Download the sticker file

STEP 3: Open file* and the Sticker Maker app should launch with the Aqui Design stickers ready to be added

STEP 4: On the Sticker Maker app, select ‘Add to my library’

STEP 5: To start using, select ‘Add to Whatsapp/iMessage’

*Check ‘Files’ or ‘Downloads’ if you are unable to locate file


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