Wellness for furkids.


Petitudo is a professional wellness center for pets. They offer all-natural premium grooming services, skin treatments and affordable products for your furry companions. Apart from that, they also develop their own formulations that are free of toxic residues and preservatives, championing the natural way of life for pets.

We were approached by Petitudo to design a new brand identity that showcases compassion for pets and the superhero figure that they want to be for them.

Petitudo’s wordmark is designed to be curvy to create a positive and welcoming look. As Petitudo’s service offerings are exclusively for pets, it is important to have an element in the logo - the dog bone - that reflects that. As Petitudo plays the role of a superhero for pets, we have developed mascots that create a voice and personifies the brand. The colours selected are associated with vitality and pureness, further positioning Petitudo as a wellness brand.


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