Dunia Baru

An private charter experience like no other.


The private charter experience onboard the Dunia Baru is hard to describe. A yacht, inextricably linked to its surroundings, sailing through one of the world’s most marine rich waters. A belonging, as you become one with remote archipelagos, untouched by time.

We were commissioned to create a new brand identity for Duna Baru.

The new visual identity for Dunia Baru uses the front view of the yacht, focusing on her most prominent features - the sail and hull - to bring out her character. Highly valued for the boat's craftsmanship, Dunia Baru's logo is made up of lines and curves of different weights, subtly portraying the handcrafted elegance that the boat carries.

The Aquí team were incredibly organised and structured- culminating in a logo design and brandwork that was precise, thoughtful and truly reflective of Dunia Baru’s personality


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