Climate action made simple.


Salt is a subscription service that rewards you for offsetting your carbon footprint. Living sustainably is a choice. The sum of our decisions decides our footprint. While flying less and learning more is the best way to be more sustainable, certain lifestyle choices cannot be changed. With Salt, you are able to commit your subscription to climate projects to offset your carbon footprint. As you give back to Earth, Salt gives back to you with rewards from mission-driven companies that they have partnered with.

A more seamless approach to sustainability

Salt is a naturally occurring compound that, for centuries, have been imperative to civilization; something simple that has a transformational impact. The metaphor serves as the brand’s vision for social change - creating impact through simple steps.Doing good for the world should not be difficult. Salt believes in introducing a more seamless approach to push forward change when it comes to sustainability, and that has to be communicated in the visual identity and across all touch points. It has to feel simple, low-touch, easy and fun; something you can integrate and adopt into your daily life

A breath of fresh air

Simple, clean and effortless - that’s the voice of Salt. The logo is made with a typeface that embodies all three characteristics. To give it more personality, much like the persona of Salt’s target audience, the typeface has been customised to be bolder, wider, and curvier, strengthening its weight, presence and giving it more character.

Nature photography is Salt's main visual element and appears as the background of any media where the branding is used. These are images with bright colours and a high level of contrast that highlight the beauty of our Earth. The selection of colours are earthy, alluding to the elements of nature - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.


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