Immersive holistic healing


Healthtech company Soaak creates sound frequency compositions, mindful affirmations and immersion programs. Their personalised sound frequency compositions are clinically proven to help alleviate anxiety, boost energy, enhance sleep and more.

Using a unique whole-person approach, Soaak looks holistically at the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit.

Elevating to align with new goals

When Soaak first crafted their branding and website, they came up with a multitude of different directions– but without much understanding of their target demographic and the way they would develop. Now they’ve honed in with laser focus on their goals and positioning, we came on board to refresh their branding, build an impactful new website and develop an intuitive app.

Soaak wanted to gain the trust of potential customers and companies. We uplevelled their branding to reflect this, crafting a visual identity that exudes professionalism, confidence and credibility.

Wellness meets tech

Soaak is all about creating an immersive, deeply relaxing experience. Soaking yourself, floating, being held or submerging yourself and emerging full of life and new energy.

We brought this soothing energy through into Soaak’s new branding and website. Filled with aqua tones and teal, blue and green hues, the oceanic colour palette instantly exudes calm. We incorporated sound frequency-inspired wave graphics and customised icons, combining scientific edge with holistic gentleness. We selected fonts that feel free-flowing yet accessible, reflecting the brand’s movement and fluidity.


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