Cata Coffee

Quality coffee from bean to cup.


Cata Coffee is an independent coffee roastery founded by husband and wife Han and Marian. Cata in Spanish means tasting session, a defining element in their approach when it comes to sourcing and evaluating coffees.As roasters, quality is at the core of everything they do: giving undivided attention to every stage of the coffee production process from bean to cup, ensuring the delivery of only the best products to their customers.

Telling the same story with a strengthened identity.

As latina business owners in Singapore, María and Marian shared a strong connection when they first got in touch. There was no better way for this collaboration to have happened. Cata Coffee was built from the ground up by Marian and Han in 2016. Over the years, the brand has pride itself on delivering the best quality coffee, recognised for their passion and professionalism in the coffee industry. While their business has grown, the vision remains. If anything, their vision has only strengthened, which was why Aquí Design was brought onboard to carry out a brand refresh to create an identity that better resonates with the founders.Marian and Han compares their brand to the likes of an approachable person - easy to talk to, a breeze to work with. The contemporary approach that we have taken to further develop the brand elements enhances the sense of trust and reliability that Cata Coffee wants to evoke. There is sentimental value in the new brand colour, which has hints of the old yet it now gives off a modest charm. The endearing handwritten script font has evolved into a serif font for a more timeless appeal, allowing for more structure in design application as well. Drawing upon the the roots of coffee, we have introduced a vibrant range of tropical secondary colours and floral patterns that reminds one the origin of a good cup of coffee. The strengthened identity not only communicates the warmth that Cata Coffee often brings to the table through personal touch, it also captures the eclectic spirit that inspires the passion-driven couple in their work.

An online shopfront that does more than selling.

Cata Coffee’s website is the first touchpoint for customers. With the brand’s huge emphasis on customer service and relationship-building, the online interaction has to feel as simple and as personal as in real life. What Aquí has done at the initial stage of the web design process was to create structure - the foundation of every website that serves to cater to different needs.With years of being in the eCommerce space, paired with their in-depth knowledge of the customer base, Marian and Han were able to tell us at the beginning what the old website was lacking and what more it could achieve. The focus was on creating a website for everyone - from coffee enthusiasts to those who are new to coffee, everyone should be able to find what they are looking for.

Sharing their ways, one guide at a time.

One of the main introductions to the new website design was the Brew Guides page, where recommended brewing recipes are being shared for different coffee apparatus. With the amount of detail that needed to be communicated in each guide, it was vital for the design to be clean and the content to be concise. Getting the point across to the reader in an uncomplicated manner was our priority, and it was also the key driving force behind the decision to use gifs instead of static images or long-form videos.


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