Service learning done better.


Treedom is an award-winning service learning platform that has revolutionised scholarships by levelling the playing field for everyone. They enable students to create opportunities for themselves by serving their communities, breaking the conventional approach of focusing mainly on academic achievement.

Their service-based scholarship model rewards students committed to improving their communities - all while encouraging meaningful experiences that elevate their social and cultural understanding.

Creating an augmented brand experience driven by innovative design applications.

Treedom is a business that is first of its kind, taking an unconventional approach to reinvent the scholarship model for both students and educators. With that being said, it takes more than words to convey what they are trying to achieve. CEO, Michael Kadisha, and COO, Greg Chumakov first came to Aquí Design with the intention of finding a design partner that could help unify their brand experience across all communication channels and create consistency in the way they tell their story. It was important for them to appeal to students and educators and help them understand Treedom’s model in the simplest most purposeful way possible, whether it’s through their website, emails or presentations slides.

A Cohesive Web Experience for Students, Parents and Educators.

Holistically, Treedom not only aims to help students, but also educators and parents. How do we present relevant information on the website for all three types of users in a way that doesn’t inundate them? That was one of the key problem statements and design principle that took precedence in the web design process to create a user experience that is pertinent to the needs of distinct target audiences. A simple toggle function (as seen on the What We Offer page) could change the way users engage with the website, making it more personalised to each target group. The strategic use of colours was also a way to segment or highlight important areas.

Inducing excitement and shaping the narrative.

Illustration and iconography play a key role in helping users to visualise and perceive the Treedom experience. A sense of empowerment and excitement is needed to help people envision the change that they can make with Treedom. With the innovative point system that Treedom has built, the service learning experience on the platform can be as stimulating as playing a game. An illustrative style helps bring out the fun and shapes this journey as one that is not only meaningful but enjoyable.


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