An exclusive nautical paradise.


CasaCún is a luxury condominium development in the heart of Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, an exclusive nautical paradise. The residences are inspired by rich Mexican architecture and the Mayan culture - a fusion of natural and modern comfort.

We were appointed to develop a brand identity for the new luxurious condominium, one that reflects the sophisticated style and rich culture seen in its architecture, interior and nature.

CasaCún is deeply rooted in the historical culture of the Mayans. The Ik symbol used is found in the Mayan horoscope and it represents the energy and movement of Air - a key element encapsulated in the surroundings of CasaCún.

The colours were inspired by Mayan buildings as well as Mexico’s vibrant architecture, reflecting the soul of CasaCún and its strong heritage. Paired with a modern humanist typeface, the branding achieves a look that is both exquisite and rich in culture.


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