Revolutionizing genomic medicines.


Radical revolutionary tech

Helex aims to make genetic diseases a thing of the past. The biotechnology company is revolutionising genomic medicines by developing effective, safer and reliable therapeutics for patients.

They want to radically change the lives of patients and their loved ones.

With such a powerful driving force behind their work, Helex needed a website that showcases their work while also reflecting why they’re doing it, bringing the human aspect to the forefront alongside the innovative biotechnology.

The heart behind the science

When working with such complex scientific and medical concepts, it’s easy for a website to feel cluttered, overwhelming or completely inaccessible. While creating a new site for Helex, we focused on presenting their incredible work in a clear concise way, through clean simplicity and minimalist design.

At their core, Helex are people-centred, inspired by the families, people and patients with rare genetic disease that have no real workable therapies. Their new website reflects their heart, with people-focused imagery right at the forefront.

Simplifying complex ideas

In their preclinical stage, Helex aims to target different segments. Website visitors could include anyone from investors, to pharma and biotech companies, right through to patients. 

We knew it was therefore incredibly important to design a site that feels unintimidating, approachable and informative for all audiences. To help with this, we created a number of animated infographics to sit throughout the site, explaining complex processes in a simple, eye-catching way and bringing their technology to life through visuals.


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