The Conscious Two

Conscious living with two best friends.


Sophie and Lizzy are two best friends trying to lead more thoughtful, slow and conscious lives. Beyond the eco and sustainability space, they are passionate about social justice, feminism, activism and mental health. The Conscious Two aims to create fun, useful and entertaining content that drives positive change in Singapore and beyond.

We designed the brand identity for The Conscious Two, one that reflects the the brand’s purpose and the friendship between Sophie and Lizzy.

The word mark developed for The Conscious Two emphasizes on the brand’s core value - conscious - which is made with a humanist typeface that gives it an elegant and graceful character. A playful touch is applied on the two letter Os, creating a lively movement that symbolizes the fun that the two brings to the table. The letter Os also come together to form the symbol. Warm tones complete the look as they add a sense of passion and vigour.


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