Commune with nature.


Celestia is a boutique Phinisi yacht built by hand, guided by centuries-old UNESCO-recognized traditions, modernized and reimagined by an experienced international team at the helm.

Founders and siblings, Jasmine Chong and Jason Tabalujan, were fond of the idea of being connected by experiences - being close to nature in the presence of loved ones. And that is what Celestia represents – a memorable elevated experience shared with loved ones.

Celestia, alludes to the word ‘celestial', reminding one of the vastness of the sky; the stillness of the heavens.

With a name that hits the spot, what's left was a visual identity to enliven the brand, which Aquí Design had the pleasure of developing alongside the team at Celestia.

Celestia's symbol is in and of itself an abstract illustration of the front of the Phinisi yacht, its organic curvy lines depicting the front sails (cocoro) and hull of the boat. Enclosed in the shape of a circle, as if looking out of a window where an adventure awaits; there is a sense of mystery and wonder that keeps one in suspense.

The New York typeface, with its organic strokes and clean-cut edges, falls right in place with the symbol. Unity is observed in the logo as the slight slant in the letter 'C' mimics the symbol's angle.

For those who love being close to the waters, Prussian Blue is a familiar colour. Its deep and tranquil characteristics gives the visual identity a classy and compelling disposition - a taste of the immersive experience that Celestia provides.

Aquí strikes a strong balance between good design, business understanding and compassion, which makes them a great joy to work with. They go the extra mile to understand a business in order to propose design ideas that are highly relevant, upholding high professionalism with a cheerful personality at the same time.

- Jasmine Chong, Co-Founder of Celestia

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