Alice Wikström

Holistic stress relief coach.


Alice Wikström is a trained Mindfulness Teacher and Wayfinder Life Coach. Her works involve helping others connect with their inner wisdom and healing power to find stillness within. She believes that mindfulness - staying connected to the true self - is the key to living a life that is fulfilled.

We were commissioned by Alice to create a brand identity that embodies her true personality and energy.

The symbol that was designed for Alice is inspired by the idea of mandalas. The diamond shapes within symbolizes purity, clarity, and wisdom, which are the core attributes of Alice's teachings. As mindfulness begins with the self, the circle in symbol represents one’s true spirit and the lines around it illustrates the movement of energy that is radiated. The muted purple is associated with spirituality and it inspires high ideals, befitting for a brand that focuses on self-inquiry.


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