Treedom House

Backing those who back our world.


Treedom House is a privately-held venture fund owned and operated by the Kadisha family that creates and funds impact initiatives. The family was instrumental in expanding the boundaries of wireless communications through Qualcomm, which continues to be a leader in global technological advancement. They are determined to make a positive impact in addressing the planet’s most pressing needs by backing those who back our world.

A fluid experience throughout.

Treedom House wanted us to create a website; a space to house their brand, to showcase who they are and what they do clearly. We have designed the one-pager with fluidity in mind, grabbing hold of every opportunity to make the experience less static to drive engagement.

Setting the tone with imagery

Addressing the world’s most critical issues, Treedom House focuses on educational initiatives, climate-focused solutions, humanitarian aid and animal welfare. The choice of imagery plays an important role in visualising the type of impact that they are creating and serves as the backbone of the website, setting the tone of the brand.


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