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Creative. Conscious. Collaborative.

Sustainability and socials go hand-in-hand with beige. social. Led by founder Maria Frances Marinay, the conscious social agency is refreshingly unwavering in their vision. Rather than solely prioritising virality and follower count, beige. social is all about shifting the focus to sustainable growth, community building and brand trust that actually lasts. beige. social is driven by one ultimate goal: to create a world where doing good is the only choice.

An unfiltered self-expression

beige. social approached Aquí with a fresh challenge: to create a brand identity that encapsulates their authentic and transparent approach to everything social. We initially designed three different creative routes, and the one that most resonated with beige. social brought out the unfiltered, lively and balanced side of the brand.

One of the things we loved so much about beige. social’s brand identity is how the concept can be applied with flexibility. The team has the creative freedom to convey messages in different ways, depending on the medium: from structured and formal business cards to fun and playful social assets.

A spectrum of beige

We opted for a geometric sans serif font that felt structured and reliable, but also reassuringly down-to-earth. Combining earthy and muted tones with handwritten organic elements exuded a humble and grounded feel, infusing simplicity with playfulness.

When it came to the colour palette, we wanted to make the brand’s core value the star of the show: after all, what would beige. social be without beige? We opted for a fun, grounded yet approachable palette, inspired by cottage-core and conscious living. The primary colours are Café Noir and Linen, a soft rich alternative to stark black and white. The secondary colours are Pumpkin, Moss Green, Sage, Sandal and Tan. While the browns and beiges give the palette weight and approachability, the striking Pumpkin shade contrasts with the earthy greens and packs a punch.

Playful flourishes were our tools to bring fun and freedom to the brand identity. We brought in coloured dots, signature cursive letters and squiggly lines: together these elements reinforce beige. social’s values of being unfiltered and authentic.


An open canvas

Bringing beige. social’s fresh visual identity to life brought us so much joy. When it came to the website design, we wanted something that feels to think outside the out-of-the-box (one made from recycled cardboard, of course).

Akin to mood boards, mind maps, and sketch pads - beige. social’s website is an open canvas and a breeding ground for new ideas. Handwritten scribbles spread across pages to emulate ideation in its rawest form. Bite-sized card design gives structure to the open canvas concept, whilst animated interactions adds motion and an element of play, stimulating curiosity that encourages engagement.


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