Project Lighting Design

Illuminating creativity.


Based in Singapore, Project Lighting Design is an independent lighting design consultancy turning their expert hand to a broad spectrum of projects. They harness the power of light to craft creative, captivating and memorable spaces, from urban hotels to beautiful landscapes. PLD is sensitive to the needs of the planet, striving to provide sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

An elevated yet recognisable identity

Founder Stephen created PLD’s original logo with a friend at a bar, and it had stuck with the company for 30 years. Though he was ready for a change, it was important to stay recognisable to people they have worked with over decades. We worked to retain the sentimental value and essence of the identity while making the logo more modern, legible and geometric.

Alongside the logo, we worked with Project Lighting Design on an all-new web design, jewel-toned colour palette and harmonious branding to elevate their online presence. Dealing with luxury environments and prestigious clients, it was important to capture this element of sophistication in their branding, while remaining contemporary and innovative.

Blending luxury with approachability

In line with their goals to reach a wider audience and carve out a more impactful presence in the market, we carried the luxurious new branding throughout the website and collateral. From business cards and portfolios to presentations, effortless modern sophistication exudes from every touchpoint.

Project Lighting Design has dialogues with a variety of roles, from hotel operators to interior designers and architects. The regality of the warm purple tones create an approachable and accessible feel to support these relationships.


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