Between Worlds

Allegories of anti-colonialism.


The National Gallery of Singapore was in search for a brand identity for their November to March 2018 exhibition, Masterpieces Between Asia & Europe.

Aquí contested for their idea of the visual identity.

An exhibition pitch focusing on two different main points: The Colourful Impressions: Impressionism from the Musée d’Orsay Collection" and Raden Saleh and Juan Luna: Pioneer Artists". Both Saleh and Luna are considered touchstones in the development of modern art in Indonesia and the Philippines respectively. Their achievements as painters have been read as feats of the colonised in the land of the colonisers.

Focusing on the "B" and the "W" initials of the overarching title. Using Grumpy typeface, a heavy, high-contrast serif typeface. It relates with 18th century font Caslon and provides a sophisticated flare. In association with Grumpy, we proposed the realist font Paul from the modernist family Grotesk released in 1896 (used for the full title). It relates to the innovative approach of the overarching theme of two worlds coming together. The different orientations symbolise the movement between the different worlds. In collaboration with SNA Design.


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