The Warm Up.


ClassPass is an app that gets you into the best fitness classes near you. They came to Aquí and asked if we could give their International blog, The Warm Up, a refresh. We said yes, and asked to hear more.

Aquí’s objective was to create a fresh, stylish and modern page for The Warm Up. A destination where you want to consume content that ClassPass has to offer.

We worked with full bleed images, incorporated the ClassPass typography into the website and used in moderation the ClassPass blue along with the rest of their secondary colour palette.

Aquí Design is a great partner to work with. Utilising their international background and creative expertise, they have provided great insights to our local and international campaigns, meeting tight deadlines (and crazy timezones) and assisted our creative & brand team to launch various campaigns, all with a professional and positive attitude. One of the key projects they worked on was to help set up The Warm Up International, a platform for our International markets to connect ClassPass users all over the world. I highly recommend engaging María and her team!

- Tiff Chng, International Brand Specialist

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