The Treeline Project

Healing in the backcountry.


During 2020, Joseph and Laurel found solace and peace spending time in the outdoors, and knew that needed to be shared. They founded The Treeline Project: a unique Wyoming-based nonprofit, providing free outdoor wellness trips (along with their beautiful llamas!). 

Their aim is to give everyone the opportunity to experience the therapeutic effects of the outdoors– no matter their financial situation or outdoors experience. It is therefore incredibly important to have a brand presence and website that reflects these innate outdoor-centric values.

Inspired by the great outdoors

The treeline on a mountain is the point where trees stop growing on a mountain– it marks the point where hard work pays off, and magnificent views are revealed. When working on crafting The Treeline Project’s brand conceptualisation, we used this beautiful natural viewpoint as inspiration.

Their new logo design, colour palette and typography all reflect their love of nature and outdoor adventure. Earthy browns, soft forest greens and organic Western fonts come together to elevate their online presence and convey their values.

Adventurous brand identity

In line with their goals to help their audience get a clear sense of what The Treeline Project is and what to expect before, during, and after a llama trekking trip, we designed an informative, intuitive and inspiring new website.

We had a wonderful time getting creative with bespoke iconography, crafting eye-catching engaging illustrations to enhance their website, social media and brand collateral.


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