Brennen Clouse

Broker a life you love.


Clean design with an inspiring core

With his roots in real estate, broker Brennen Clouse felt called to offer more. He’s now an inspirational keynote speaker, offering powerful courses and coaching to empower others to take control of their own lives.

Brennen had a clear vision for his personal brand along with a target audience of ambitious people ready to make a change, and he brought Aquí on board to bring that to life. His brand values are courage, individuality, personal growth and self-development– which is exactly what we aimed to evoke with his powerful and clean new visual identity.

Cool, confident and contemporary

For Brennen’s website and collateral design, our strategic design route was geometric contemporary. Think clean lines, bold type and an approachable feel to tie it all together.

To complement the minimalist vibe, we selected a creative and intelligent colour combination: bright, cool blue alongside positive and innovative turquoise. 

We crafted an instantly eye-catching logo to pull Brennen’s new visual identity together, with a fluid connecting line joining the ‘n’ and ‘l’ inspired by Brennen’s commitment to helping everyone find their one true path.


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