Today's Waste, Tomorrow's Raw Material

TômTex is a new-generation 100% bio-based material, a sustainable and economical leather alternative made from shell seafood waste, mushroom and coffee grounds. Tôm, in Vietnamese, means shrimp - a reference to the discarded seafood shells that are mixed with coffee grounds to create the textile. “Leather is used in so many applications across different industries but people around the world are suffering from the pollution that the industry causes," said Uyen Tran, Founder. Unlike many existing materials in the market, TômTex believes in being transparent about its process and product - minimizing the usage of toxic chemicals; recyclability; no tanning process involved in the production; sustainability without fabric backing; being 100% biodegradable.

A revolutionary vision translated through design.

“We believe in educating consumers and industry partners, and redirecting them in the direction of sustainability," was what Uyen first expressed at the very beginning. It is without a doubt that what TômTex stood for - sustainability, innovation and humanity - was evident in the work that they do, yet it was also vital for it to be reflected in the brand identity, more so when it was disrupting the fashion space. With an appreciation for good design herself, Uyen saw an opportunity to revitalise the brand's image and embark on a journey to deliver its vision more clearly.

Cyclical, just like nature.

Tômtex's logo is an embodiment of the brand's support for the circular economy and the natural ecosystem. The custom logo typeface is constructed from a grid and shows a unique juxtaposition between boxy and rounded features, which add to its futuristic appearance.

The ‘o' and ‘x' are abstract representations of the way TômTex gives waste materials a new life. The arrows of the ‘o' create a circular motion, which represents the cycle of reusing and recycling materials. It could also represent the circular economy. The arrows of the ‘x' create an outward motion, which represents the process of unwanted materials naturally decomposing (back into nature) or being recycled for future production.

Channeling positivity and sophistication.

The International Orange is simply eye-catching. Its immaculate luminosity creates fun and radiates strength and positivity. An earthy companion, Wine Burgundy adds a touch of sophistication. Ghost White is the accent, balancing out the warm colours, acting as a softer and cooler alternative to white.

“It was so easy to work with Maria and the entire Aqui Design team. We interviewed a few competitors prior to deciding on Aqui, however in the end felt that they took the time to understand our business, values and priorities. I truly felt that they were invested in our success. I strongly recommend Maria and the Aqui Design team!”

Carolyn O'Meara,

Made By Aquí

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