Moody Nails

Celebrating Self-Care, Self-Love, and Pampering

Moody Nails is a crowdfunded book project created by Sinnead Ali who is a yoga teacher and a meditation guide, mental health, and women’s wellness advocate. Sinnead has always been passionate about wellness for women and have made it her mission to create tools to help them maintain better quality of mental and emotional health.

We were commissioned to design Moody Nails: The Mudra Guidebook, a handy guide that details the benefits and how-to of twenty-five mudras* for girls and women who want to build emotional and mental health resilience.

The Moody Nails logo is a hand-drawn illustration of the mudra hand gesture. The illustration creates an organic and artistic look which are characteristics that are important for a book that is about art and wellness. For the colour palette, we selected peach and mustard pastels that are feminine, given that the book is targetted towards girls and women. The colours also evoke a sense of modesty and friendliness, which is complemented with a typeface that is elegant and easy to read.

*Mudras are symbolic gestures often practiced in yoga with the hands and fingers. They facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body and enhance one’s journey within.

Made By Aquí

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