Elite SME

High End Consulting

Elite SME is a company based in Singapore focusing on best potential of your Sales, Marketing and Events.

To create a new look and feel for Elite SME representing the high-class quality the brand brings to their work.

The use of the dark green shade portrays a sense of royalty and security. The symbol creates movement along with also focusing on the three main aspects of the company.

“Aquí is a talented team with fresh creative ideas for businesses of all sizes.  As a new business owner the process to design a company logo that reflected our core business values was seamless from research, concept, development through to the delivery stage.

María is an enthusiastic and driven individual who has the creativity and an ability to produce innovative and original ideas and designs. She is also dynamic and personable who is able to relate and connect with people with ease.

It was a pleasure working with the Aquí team on my branding, it made, and continues to make all the difference in my business growth."

Andi Blackwood

Made By Aquí

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