An Online Community for Horse Lovers

Cavago is a global online platform that aims to unravel, unite and connect the hidden world of horse lovers. Tauseef 'Taz' Qadri - founder, CEO and also an avid horse lover - wanted to create a space for the horse loving community to share their passion as a way of unifying and harmonising the global culture of horses. Cavago is a platform for the horse world, by the horse world.

We were tasked by Cavago to develop a brand identity. The identity needed to convey the spirit of horse riding and the shared dedication of the community.

Cavago's symbol is inspired by the movement of a horse in action. Similar to automobile brand symbols, it reflects speed, performance and timelessness but in context of a horse. Paired with a geometric typeface, the logo is given a look that is classic yet sleek. The colour palette consists of neutral colours that displays trustworthiness and professionalism - characteristics that the brand exemplifies within the horse-loving community.

Made By Aquí

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