Aquí's Web Glow Up

Same Focus, New Experience

2020 has been about change and adapting. As a team, we’ve always been committed to our ultimate goal - to create purposeful design solutions. Given the unpredictability of things during this time, we found that it is important to reiterate and reinforce what we stand for as a brand. This new website serves as a timely reminder for us to keep moving with the times; to design for relevance and create with purpose.

English or Español?

Hello to all of our Spanish speaking friends and clients - we see you! You now have the option of navigating our website in English or Español. As a large part of Aquí's following are from the Spanish speaking community, we wanted to create an inclusive experience by providing a language option catered to our audience.

Seek and you will Find

One of the very first changes we implemented was to our 'Work' page. Taking our clients needs into consideration, we wanted a sort and filter function that give our users more choice and control in their browsing experience. Go ahead, give our filter function a go! Seek and you will find!

Dynamic, yet Structured

One of the key aspects we looked at for this project is the flow and layout of the Aquí Design website. Structure and consistency have always been our priorities when it comes to web design. This time around, we asked ourselves: how do we introduce fluidity into our layout? We explored using animations to bring out movement, and recreated our case study layout and flow for it to feel like a story to be told. You can even toggle between different works with the new left and right buttons in chronological order.

Welcome to our Home

If you've noticed, our home page used to be a display of our works. Another key part to this refresh was to make our users feel welcomed. We want to be good hosts – making sure we introduce ourselves proper once you've stepped into our home. This is why we've created a brand new home page to tell you more about who we are and what we do. Now, please make yourselves at home!

Made By Aquí

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