Anqlave x TLDB

Finally, a database you can trust.

Anqlave is a software company that is driving the next generation data encryption technology products that are natively secure. With the use of market-leading technology, Anqlave aims to empower businesses to be in control of the security of their most prized digital assets.


We were commissioned to develop print and digital collateral designs intended to explain the design and approach behind Anqlave’s solution - Trusted Ledger Database (TLDB) - to data management issues faced by businesses today.

We worked closely with Anqlave to gain more insights into the key problem areas that they are addressing today with TLDB. One of the main design principles was for the design to be consumable for a diverse audience. With that in mind, we developed three narratives that led to the design of a Whitepaper, Leaflet, and Digital Infographic.

Digital Infographic
Made By Aquí

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