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Stage 1 - Research

We start every project by reviewing and analysing industry competitors, relevant projects and suitable references. Feed back to the client for continual input from both parties. Once we are engaged on a project we conduct a thorough briefing with milestones and deadlines. Clients are sent a questionnaire and invited to a kick-off meeting with our team where we establish your vision.





Stage 2 - Concept

Once information and relevant documents to the project has been supplied to Aqui by the client, we explore all possibilities and avenues. Initial ideas and concepts are presented for the client's review. 





Stage 3 - Development

Once a decision is made in which direction to develop, a more refined concept will be presented to the client. We will also discuss in more details print, materials, online functions and features.





Stage 4 - Delivery

The final solution will be delivered hitting the agreed deadline. We like to develop a relationship with our clients and provide them with an ongoing design service for the current project and more.